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Chief PF1US Flat Panel Floor Stand 42-71" Displays Silver

The PF1 is a solid, low-profile solution for mounting a flat panel on a floor stand.
  • Ideal for digital signage and corporate presentations
(including vat)
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  • Centris Technology provides effortless, fingertip tilt
  • Screen angle stays set in place until you decide to re-adjust
  • Provides telescoping height adjustment without tools
  • ClickConnect Technology provides an audible click to confirm that the flat panel is locked in place
  • Offers quick connect/disconnect wtih no tools necessary
  • Includes integrated security with the addition of a padlock
  • Screen can be installed in portrait or landscape orientation ( PAC400 accessory can be used to rotate without removing the screen)
  • Integrated cable management with flexible covers to hide cables out of sight for a fast, clean installation
  • Flat, angled base makes corner positioning easy
Shelf accessory must be ordered separately, PAC710 Height-Adjustable Accessory Shelf shown
The PAC710 Height-Adjustable Accessory Shelf is designed specifically for use with Chief flat panel mobile carts and floor stands.


  • Supports Chief's line of flat panel floor stands and mobile carts
  • Quick installation and height adjustment
  • Ships fully assembled - no tools required
(including vat)


General Information
Manufacturer: Chief
Product Model: PF1US
Product Type: Flat Panel Floor Stand


Suggested Screen Size
42" - 71"

Weight Capacity

Height Adjustable
120cm - 210cm

Mounting profiles
Fully adjustable to 1014mm x 517mm

VESA Mounting
100mm x 100mm
100mm x 200mm
100mm x 300mm
100mm x 400mm
100mm x 500mm
200mm x 100mm
200mm x 200mm
200mm x 300mm
200mm x 400mm
200mm x 500mm
300mm x 100mm
300mm x 200mm
300mm x 300mm
300mm x 400mm
300mm x 500mm
400mm x 100mm
400mm x 200mm
400mm x 300mm
400mm x 400mm
400mm x 500mm
500mm x 100mm
500mm x 200mm
500mm x 300mm
500mm x 400mm
500mm x 500mm
600mm x 100mm
600mm x 200mm
600mm x 300mm
600mm x 400mm
600mm x 500mm
700mm x 100mm
700mm x 200mm
700mm x 300mm
700mm x 400mm
700mm x 500mm
800mm x 100mm
800mm x 200mm
800mm x 300mm
800mm x 400mm
800mm x 500mm
900mm x 100mm
900mm x 200mm
900mm x 300mm
900mm x 400mm
900mm x 500mm
1000mm x 100mm
1000mm x 200mm
1000mm x 300mm
1000mm x 400mm
1000mm x 500mm

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