We supply the latest in ELO touch screen monitors. Including Desktop, Interactive Digital Signage (IDS) and Open Frame and EPOS / Touch PC's.

ELO 2201L Desktop Touchmonitor

The 2201L offers a flexible, space-saving design, HD wide-aspect ratio 22-inch LCD touchmonitor with Windows 7 multi-touch interactivity. Well-suited to meet durability as well as aesthetic requirements for front-of-store, back office, kiosk and even out-of-store applications, the Elo TouchSystems 2201L offers real versatility for a variety of retail and hospitality interactive solutions.



ELO 1215L, 1515L, 1715L & 1915L Desktop Touchscreen LCD Monitor

The 1000 Series 1215, 1515L, 1715L & 1915L Desktop Touchscreen LCD Monitor is designed, developed and built to provide the most cost-effective touch solutions for system integrators and VARs. Aimed at the fast-changing retail POS and hospitality markets, they provide reliable, durable operation and come from the worldwide leader in touch monitors, Elo Touch systems. The optional 3-track magnetic stripe reader (MSR), programmable to either HID or Keyboard Emulation (USB only), is easily installed by the user, providing an elegant, integrated solution and eliminating the need for external brackets or attachments.

ELO 3200L, 4200L, 4600L & 5500L Interactive Digital Signage Display

The 3200L IDS touch display is more than a television and more than a consumer display. IDS touch displays enable increased customer engagement and metrics for out-of-home environments by adding an exciting new dimension to traditional broadcast digital signage – the power of touch. The new IDS portfolio offers a unique interactive display platform designed to enhance a customer’s experience. For a sensitive, accurate touch response for two simultaneous touch locations, IntelliTouch Plus surface wave product technology utilizes three axes of touch information and supports finger, gloved hand and soft stylus activation. Its pure-glass construction delivers excellent imagery with high light transmissions, not affected by changes in ambient light. Housed in a highly durable steel chassis for a long-life of reliable performance, the 3200L with either technology is an efficient display canvas for almost any commercial, public access application.

  • 3200L Available with APR or Intelli Plus technology
  • 4200L Available with APR, IntelliTouch or Optical technology
  • 4600L Available with APR, IntelliTouch or Optical technology
  • 5500L Available with IntelliTouch or Optical technology
  • APR = Single Touch
  • IntelliTouch = Single Touch
  • Intelli Plus = Dual Touch
  • Optical = Multi Touch

ELO 1519L & 1919L Widescreen Desktop Touchscreen LCD Monitor

The 1519L & 1919L is a wide-screen display that is easier to use and incorporate into more environments than traditional desktop touchmonitors. It allows extra content on the screen and is well-suited for corporate environment uses such as spreadsheets, publishing, and dual-window applications. Additional applications well-suited to take advantage of the monitor’s features include point-of-sale (POS), point-of-information (POI), point-of-service, interactive digital signage, loyalty systems, kiosk information systems, light industrial shop-floor automation and home control.

ELO 1537L 15" Open-Frame Touchmonitor

Elo chassis LCD monitors have a long-lasting product cycle because the enclosure is controlled by Elo specifications. Future panel improvements are therefore possible without external changes. The 1537L has a compact form factor with thin borders and multiple mounting options for easy integration. It features a high quality panel along with a unique, injection-molded minibezel with virtually invisible watertight seal and choice of touch technology.

ELO 1247L 12" Open-Frame Touchmonitor

Elo chassis LCD monitors have a long-lasting product cycle because the enclosure is controlled by Elo specifications. Future panel improvements are therefore possible without external changes. The monitors are available with multiple touch technologies and all feature a unique, injection-molded minibezel and watertight seal, plus a multitude of mounting options.

Elo 3000 Series 2239L Open-Frame Touchscreen LCD Monitor

The 3000 series 2039L open frame touchscreen monitor delivers a cost-effective touch solution for OEMs and systems integrators, and complements Elo's expanded family of touch solutions for gaming and amusement, retail self-service and kiosk applications. This compact 3000-series touchmonitor is "designed for touch," with Elo's proven expertise and reliability built-in, not added as an afterthought by altering an existing monitor.


ELO 15D1 EPOS Touchscreen PC

The 15D Series 15" All-in-One Touchcomputers bring style, flexibility and functionality to point-of-sale (POS), retail and hospitality businesses. With a wide array of field-installable peripherals, spill-resistant sealing, and a range of input/output port connection options, the 15D1 Updated is versatile and powerful. These touchcomputer is designed with the future in mind, allowing easy serviceability of the main components and excellent performance utilizing Intel Celeron 1.8 GHz, Intel Dual-Core 2.2 GHz or Intel Core Duo 3.0 GHZ processors. The 15D expands the Elo TouchSystems high profile family of reliable, easy-to-integrate multi-function touch solutions.


ELO 15E1 EPOS Touchscreen PC

The Elo TouchSystems 15E1 E-Series touchcomputer is an elegant, retail-hardened touch solution with a small footprint, developed to fit into hospitality and retail environments where its thin, sleek look complements the décor and ambiance. The compact, ruggedized touchcomputer is a space-saving all-in-one system that features a 15-inch widescreen zero-bezel touchscreen at the same price and performance as a separate monitor and PC setup. Designed to fit on top of a cash drawer, it can also be wall-or pole-mounted depending on the installation needs.

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