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Sahara Clevertouch LED 84" InfaRed 4-Point Touch

Sahara Clevertouch is one of the largest ranges of interactive dual and multi touch displays, with sizes from 32” to 84”. The latest touchscreen technology is integrated into the screen enabling it to be dual touch or multi touch, including gesture control and allowing multiple users. The crystal clear resolution and high brightness display means that images are clearly visible and unlike projection based interactive solutions, there is no shadowing.
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Multi touch technology is rapidly becoming a way of life with the explosion of Smartphones, touch PC’s and now interactivity in the classroom. Multi touch is enabled by the Windows 7 operating system. Simple to operate, instantly adding a whole new dimension to engaging content in the classroom, by zooming in on documents, images, web pages and videos. Furthermore as application developers realise the benefits of Multi touch, it is expected that Multi control will become a standard classroom requirement.


Clevertouch Applications


Clevertouch screens are the next generation of interactive solutions for the classroom. As technology develops from the traditional whiteboard to the interactive whiteboard, Clevertouch takes front of class teaching to a new exciting level. The dual and multi touch screens allow students to collaborate simultaneously, encouraging cooperation and teamwork in the classroom.


Corporate / Public Sector
Clevertouch screens are just as versatile in the meeting room, boardroom, or control centre, making presentations more interactive and meetings more creative. With dual and multi touch more than one person can interact with the screen at the same time. High brightness and full HD display makes any content come to life including video conferencing, data and video.


Other Applications
Other applications include hospitals, MOD, leisure, digital signage and public display. The industrial grade panel combined with guaranteed 24/7 usage, an optional in-built PC and a durable design makes Clevertouch a very versatile solution for everywhere from the classroom to the shopping centre.

Key Features
  • Plug and Play - All Clevertouch screens are plug and play when using Windows 7 and above, which means no calibration and no drivers – just turn them on and start interacting.
  • Multi Touch - With Windows 7 and above, make full use of multi touch gestures and writing available with either dual touch, or 6-point touch options.
  • Full HD - The full HD 1080p high brightness display makes your interactive software and images clear and detailed.
  • Durability - The toughened glass and strong bezel, combined with guaranteed 24/7 usage makes Clevertouch a very durable solution to many applications.
  • Maintenance free - The Clevertouch range comes with a comprehensive three year on-site de–re install warranty*. This means that if you have any problems then it just takes one call for an engineer to come to your premises and repair the screen on-site. With Clevertouch there is also no ongoing maintenance required or lamps to change.
  • No shadow - Unlike with interactive whiteboard and projector olutions there is no shadow.
  • Optional in-built PC - If network security is a concern, you are using the screen with integrated signage applications, or just to improve versatility, then the optional in-built PC offers the complete solution. The inbuilt PC means you don’t have to worry about connecting cables or installing software – everything is done for you.
Computer Module
  • Intel® Core™ i5 Processor
  • Intel® H77 Chipset
  • Intel® HD Graphics 2500/4000
  • 500G HDD
  • 8 GB RAM
  • Includes wireless keyboard and mouse
  • Windows 7 Operating System
Sahara Clevertouch LED PC 1540126 £1,020 (inc vat)


All CleverLCD Touch products are supplied with Lynx interactive whiteboard software, Wordwall and DisplayNote Presenter Licence as standard.
  • 25,000 pre-created activities
  • Create and save lessons
  • High definition maps
  • Encyclopedia
  • Image bank
  • Screen capture – save your notes
  • Annotate
  • Import from Word, Excel or PowerPoint
  • Import from other interactive software using common file format
  • Use with Windows, Mac or Linux
  • Internet access with a single button
  • Screen backdrops including squared, music manuscript and lined
  • Write, type, rotate, fill and transform
  • CleverLynx Lite is perfect for corporate users and business training

Clever Lynx is a fully featured application equipped with all the popular whiteboard tools, and is packed with content ideal for education including clipart, shapes, handwriting recognition etc. Lynx is supplied with a free upgrade licence, plus a free site licence so there are no restrictions on its use on any PC within the school.


Wordwall allows a teacher to enter just a few words and with a couple of clicks, make a resource that would have been impossible with traditional presentation software. Wordwall supports a range of teaching stategies and doesn't railroad you into one way of doing things.

Wordwall users can share their creations with ease. The community has made tens of thousands of bite-sized activities in Maths, English, Science and many other subjects. Each of these can be downloaded and customised without restriction.


DisplayNote lets users present, share and collaborate on content on any device and across multiple platforms.


Users can capture the presenters content, add their own notes and annotations and collaborate with other connected devices.


Presenters can use DisplayNote as a wireless presenter tablet to send messages to connected devices and to view the screen of any participant.





Chief PSMH2840


General Information
Manufacturer: Sahara
Product Model: 1547008
Product Type: Clevertouch LED 84 4-Point

Technical Information
Actual Screen Size: 84"
Screen Technology: InfaRed 4-Point Touch
Maximum Response Time: 5ms
Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Native Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Maximum Refresh Rate: 60Hz
Colour Support: 1.06 Billion Colours
Contrast Ratio: 1600:1
Brightness: 350 nits

Touchscreen Information
Touchscreen Type: InfaRed
Touch Points: 4-Touch Points

Signal Inputs
1 x Mini D-Sub 15-Pin VGA type
2 x HDMI
1 x DVI-D
2 x USB

Physical Characteristics

Touch Controller:

4mm thick glass

186.4cm Width
112.5cm Height
12.0cm Depth

Display Area:
cm Width
cm Height


VESA Mounting
600mm x 500mm

Standard Warranty: 3 Year